Learn about Hampi | Best And Cheapest Local Food+surprise Israeli Dish

Are there good places to eat in hampi from where you can gather the energy for the rest of your journey? Idli/Paddu/Dosa/Mirchi Bhajji - Under INR 50 Hampi Special Thali - 150 Mushroom Chilly - 80 Snetchal plate (Israeli) - 250 Chicken Tikka Masala - 220 Garlic Naan - 70 Let me give you a glimpse of food in Hampi. What kind of food is served in Hampi? Hampi is divided into 2 parts one is the temple side where you will only get Vegeterian food and the other is the island side where you will get whatever you want veg, non-veg, south Indian, western, Israeli and alchohol. Anything that you can think of. But at the town side the options are a bit limited. No non-veg and no alchohol but if you like exploring the local food then this side has a lot to offer. There are a number of nice restaurants in Hampi, however, the food at Sai Family Restaurant is unrivalled in my opinion. The appetizers such as chinese bhel & mushroom chilly are delicious, as well as the Hampi Special Thali and Sai Special Rice. On the other side of Hampi which is Hippie Island lies a less explored area called Rangapur village or janglee Village. If you want to explore the local food here, I’ve got you covered. Prakruti restaurant at Rangapur village is the only restaurant where you get local food starting from idli, paddu, mirchi bhajji and much more. The ambience is delightful and so is the food. If you are on a budget then local food is often the cheapest, but if you can stretch your budget a little then Jungle tree has some great food and ambience to offer. Once you enter, kick off your shoes, lay around on the couch and relax. Most of the cafes and restaurant in hampi are started as a joint venture of Indian and Foreigners who settled here after falling in love with Hampi.

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