Learn about Top 10 Indian Street Foods In Amritsar, India | The Best Indian Street Food In Amritsar

I spent three weeks eating my way through seven incredible cities in India with my friend Sam from Samuel and Audrey. The third city of our trip was Amritsar, a city that’s known for its rich dairy dishes. These are my top 10 Indian street foods in Amritsar, India! 1. Kulcha (Pehalwan Kulcha Shop) Kulcha is a buttery flatbread that is served with a chickpea dish called chole masala and a tamarind sauce that’s loaded with onions. The ghee, chole, and tamarind together was an epic flavor combination! 2. Paneer Bhurji (Tara Chand) Paneer Bhurji is a buttery cottage cheese and vegetable dish that is served with two slices of bread, mint chutney, tamarind sauce, and onions. It almost tastes like buttery scrambled eggs! 3. Lassi (Giani Punjabi Lassi) Lassi is a creamy, yogurt-based drink that you usually have at the end of a meal. The Amritsari version adds a pat of butter and a big dollop of cream, making it a rich, decadent, Indian milkshake! 4. Palak Paneer (Kesar de Dhaba) Palak Paneer is a popular spinach and cottage cheese dish that’s loaded with fragrant and delicious spices. The 100-year-old recipe at Kesar de Dhaba is out of this world! The combination of cheese, spinach, and spices was heavenly! 5. Maa Ki Dal (Kesar de Dhaba) Maa Ki Dal is a sweet and earthy lentil dish that is slow-cooked at Kesar de Dhaba for twelve hours in a huge pot. It has a nice layer of fat on top and creamy ghee flavor throughout. It’s my favorite dal in India! 6. Masala Chai (Street Vendor) There’s always room for chai! Chai is a milky, tea-based drink that is often infused with warming spices like cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. It’s served piping hot and is the best thing to drink in India! 7. Langar Food (Golden Temple) The world-famous Golden Temple in Amritsar contains a langar, or free kitchen, that feeds 100,000 people of all faiths, creeds, and backgrounds every day. You can taste the love that the volunteers put into the maa ki dal, chickpea chole, roti, and kheer. It’s one of the most inspiring places in all of India! 8. Amritsari Punjabi Thali (Bharawan Da Dhaba) The best thali you’ll find in Amritsar is served at Bharawan Da Dhaba, another century-old restaurant in the city. Their sweet and earthy dal, huge chunks of paneer, rich chole, and sweet and spicy mango curry are out of this world! 9. Kebabs (Sarhad Restaurant) The kebabs at Sarhad Restaurant near the Pakistani border are on another level! Their tender and juicy Chicken Seekh Kebab is so soft, it reminded me of poached chicken. You also must try the Dahi Ka Kebab, which is a fried, potato fritter-like patty with yogurt inside that’s served with phenomenal mint chutney. It’s insanely delicious! 10. Mutton Curry (Sarhad Restaurant) Last but not least is the mutton curry at Sarhad Restaurant. I am a mutton fiend and have eaten it all over the world, but this one is easily one of the best mutton dishes in the world! The tender and buttery meat is served in a rich and aromatic curry and practically melts in your mouth. It’s so yummy and is the perfect way to cap off my list of the top 10 Indian street foods in Amritsar.

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