Learn about Top 10 Things To Do In Rome

In This Video, You’ll See Top 10 Things To See And Do In Rome Plus Two Bonus Tips At The End Of The Video. The Suggestions Are Based On Our Several Exciting Trips To Rome. Here Are Our Top 10 Picks:
#1 0:19 Circus Maximus (circo Massimo) Is An Ancient Roman Chariot Racing Stadium And Mass Entertainment Venue.
#2 0:40 Colosseum (flavian Amphitheatre, Colosseo) Was Used For Gladiatorial Contests, Public Spectacles, Animal Hunts, Executions, Re-enactments Of Famous Battles, And Dramas Based On Classical Mythology.
#3 1:15 Roman Forum (forum Romanum) Is A Forum Surrounded By The Ruins Of Several Important Ancient Government Buildings Right Next To The Colosseum. Forum Was The Center Of Day-to-day Life In Rome.
#4 1:42 Altar Of The Fatherland (altare Della Patria, Monumento Nazionale A Vittorio Emanuele Ii, Il Vittoriano) Is A Monument Built In Honor Of The First King Of A Unified Italy, Victor Emmanuel.
#5 2:09 Pantheon Is A Former Roman Temple, And Is Now A Church.
#6 2:35 Trevi Fountain (fontana Di Trevi) Is One Of The Most Famous Fountains In The World.
#7 2:54 Spanish Steps (piazza Di Spagna) Are A Monumental Stairway Of 135 Steps That Were Built In The 18th Century.
#8 3:24 Villa Borghese Is A Landscape Garden Containing Several Buildings And Villas, Etc.
#9 3:54 Castle St’angelo (castel Sant'angelo, The Mausoleum Of Hadrian) Was Initially Commissioned By The Roman Emperor Hadrian As A Mausoleum For Himself And His Family.
#10 4:20 Vatican City Is An Independent State Since 1929, It Is Located Within Rome.
#11 4:54 Piazza Navona Is A Square Located In The Heart Of Rome And Is Built On Dominitian’s Ancient Stadium.

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