Learn about the Top 5 street foods in Bhutan | Famous Street Food

The Bhutanese people love spicy food. Chilies are the most valuable vegetables in Bhutan. Dried or fresh red and green chilies are used to spice up almost all the traditional Bhutanese dishes which is exactly why when you are in Bhutan you should definitely try the national dish of Ema Datshi consisting of chili cooked in cheese.There are numerous variations of this recipe such as Kewa Datsi, Shamu Datshi..The Red rice, which is extremely nutritious and similar to brown rice, is served with most meals in Bhutan. Among the meat items pork, beef and chicken are eaten regularly, while vegetables which are eaten commonly are spinach, pumpkins, radishes, turnips, tomatoes, river weed, onions and green beans.  In Bumthang, buckwheat pancakes and noodles replace rice as the favorite staple food.

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