Learn Living in China: Top 10 Cities To Visit in China

China is such a large country (the 4th largest in the world to be exact) and has so much diversity in one land mass; that it’s often hard to see everything, even if you spend one year abroad. Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities, or the serenity and beauty of the countryside - here are the top 10 places in China that you should not miss! #10 -Xi/an Xi’an is located in the central northwest of China. It’s the eastern terminal of the historic Silk Road and is home to the famous Terracotta Warriors from the Qin Dynasty – making Xi’an a popular tourist destination. Be sure to visit the antique market and Cultural Street of Shuyuanmen to pick up craftwork from the city. At night, stroll around the Bell Tower and Wild Goose Pagoda to view the music and light performance. #9 – Hangzhou Hangzhou is located an hour outside of Shanghai and has a nice subtropical monsoon climate. These factors make Hangzhou a year-round popular destination. The most famous landmark here is the West Lake known for scenic beauty and popular historic sites. Local dishes are noted for their elaborate preparation and refreshing cuisine. #8 – Harbin Harbin is a city located in the northeast of China and is famous for the Annual International Ice and Snow Festival. In the winter, the temperature drops to -40 degrees F and C; which is ideal conditions for the massive ice sculptures. After exploring outside, head inside to a Dong Bei restaurant where you’ll be able to warm your insides with traditional Chinese comfort food such as potatoes, sweet and sour pork, and dumplings. #7 – Guilin Guilin is considered to be a pearly of China’s thriving tourist industry due to the stunning landscape. Take a cruise down the Li River where you can see the views depicted on the back of the 20RMB Chinese note. Venture into the Longji Rice Terraces for a taste of nature. Lastly, head underground to the Reed Flute Caves for another perspective of this amazing city. #6 –Chengdu Chengdu is Sichuan Province’s capital and home to the country’s national animal: the giant panda bears. Chengdu’s land is extremely fertile as it’s located in the center of a basin. There’s lots of natural resources here including a branch of the Yangtze Ricer and the beautiful Jiuzhai Valley. Don’t forget to wander down Jinli Street to sample hot and spicy street food or spend an afternoon in a traditional teahouse. #5 – Chongqing Chongqing is a modern port city on the upper side of the Yangtze River. It’s also known as the “Mountain City” as Chongqing has a wealth of water reserves, dense forests, and abundant flora and fauna. Tourists come to Chongqing of the natural wonders and famous Sichuan cuisine and hot pot. Nightlife in this city is very colorful! #4 – Shenzhen Shenzhen is Guangzhou’s neighbor, and is also close in proximity to Hong Kong. International trips are just a ferry ride away from Shenzhen! Major points of interest that you don’t want to miss here are the Window of the World, Splendid China Fold Village, and the Shenzhen Cultural Center. #3- Guangzhou Guangzhou is the third-largest city in China and is located in the south. There’s a “tropical” feel here with average temperatures hitting in the high 50s (about 14-15 degrees Celsius) in the winter and mid 80s (about 28-29 degrees Celsius) in the summertime. Amongst the dotted palm trees in the city, the main attractions of Guangzhou are the Canton Tower, Pearl River, Chimelong theme parks, and White Cloud Mountain. #2 – Beijing Beijing is the capital of China and is a leading economic and cultural city. There is a rich history in Beijing, spanning from the Great Wall of China, to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, to the National Stadium where the 2008 Olympic ceremonies were held. Interested in local food? The Beijing roast duck is delicious! #1 – Shanghai Shanghai is a city of over 26 million people and the list of things to see and do here are never ending. Top sights include The Bund where you can take pictures of the infamous Shanghai skyline, YuYuan Gardens, and the Former French Concession to eat world-class meals. Shanghai is located in the middle of China’s east coast, making it a quick flight to Japan, Korea, or the Philippines.

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