Video showing 20 Things To Do In Penang Malaysia For 2020 (Top Places/Highlights Of Penang, Malaysia)

What to expect while traveling in Penang, Malaysia? Find out in this video as we reveal the complete list of top 20 places to visit and things to do in Penang, Malaysia in 2020 to see if Penang, Malaysia is worth visiting for you or not. Penang, Malaysia is an island just off the coast of the West Coast of Malaysia. It’s one of the most famous areas of Malaysia, especially known for its rich and diverse culture and for its food - many people come to Penang just to eat. We spent a month traveling here in Penang, Malaysia and got to see most of the important, touristy, less-visited places on the entire island. This island is not only about food, but Penang is one of the most famous spots in Malaysia with plenty of other good reasons as well. In this episode of our travel guide series, you will explore with us as we narrow down some of the things to do, especially when you are a first-timers traveling to Penang Malaysia.

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