Video showing Best Time To Visit Bahamas

The most popular travel destination in the Caribbean is the Bahamas, even though they face either heavy rains or cooler temperatures during more than half the year. Nassau Bahamas is popular in part because of people who go there for a stopover vacation at resorts such as Atlantis. Nassau and Freeport also are major cruise destinations as well. Bahamas weather tends to be cooler than most Caribbean destinations because it is the most northern location in the region. Monthly high temperatures average around 84 degrees Fahrenheit, the World Meteorological Organization reports. Monthly low temperatures average about 69.5 degrees. Average high temperatures reach 89 degrees from July through September and drop to less than 80 degrees from December through March. Rainfall averages 4.6 inches per month, which is higher than the average for the Caribbean. The average climbs to 7.4 inches from June through October, but it spikes in August with 9.3 inches and 19 rain days. In contrast, The Bahamas average only 2 inches of rain from December through April. Rain days -- the number of days per month that have rain -- average about 12 per month. That level also is among the highest in the Caribbean. Rainfall makes June through October less than ideal months to visit The Bahamas. Likewise, cooler temperatures make December through March less appealing as well, especially for anyone who wants to swim in the ocean or spend time on the beach.

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