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Planning a trip to Venice? Learn the best time of year to visit in this travel video. Tip: If you want to avoid the famous flooding that Venice occasionally experiences -- what the locals call "acqua alta" or high water -- don't go in the fall. The best time to visit Venice depends on what you want to get out of your trip. There are pros and cons to visiting really during any season. Winters are often long, cold, and harsh, but the city will be much calmer and you’ll have a good chance of finding bargains, as there will be fewer tourists–except during Carnevale in late winter. Likewise, though summers can be hot and unpleasant, many popular festivals take place during this time of year, so you might not want to miss out. The acqua alta, or high water, is most likely to happen during the fall–so avoid those months if you want to keep your feet dry, or go anyway and take the flooding in stride just like the Venetians do. After all, there’s always plenty to do indoors while you wait for the weather to clear. Spring and early summer have the most pleasant weather, which means they’re especially high tourist seasons, so you’ll have to deal with crowds and high prices. But there’s really no true off-season–Venice is a popular destination year-round. It pays to research Venetian festivals and holidays before deciding on when to go, and to book hotel rooms ahead of time no matter when you plan to visit.

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