Video showing First Time in Estonia

Welcome to Tallinn everybody! This is our first ever experience of Estonia :) It feels so good to finally be exploring Estonia - we got so close to seeing it this year with our trips to Russia and especially to Finland - so glad we could finally make it work. We started our day at one of the most beautiful lookouts in Estonia, the Kohtuotsa lookout and the Patkuli viewing platform. From there we walked around the upper level of the walled city before making our way to ROST Bakery for some cinnamon scrolls and hot chocolates. From there we went to the old town square to see the Christmas markets which are on till the middle of January if you want that European Christmas feel. That evening we had a super unique medieval dinner at Olde Hansa with traditional meals and music. The next morning we went to down below the Maiden’s Tower and Kiek in de Kök to get the best views of the city.

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