Video showing Kaziranga National Park Jungle safari | EP 8 Cultural programme at Orchid

This is day 9 of our 18 day Assam tour. We explored Assamese food, culture, sightseeing, Wildlife of Assam. Just in case if you have missed watching any of the previous episodes of Assam, North East India, have a look at the playlist link below. Following are the details of places visited by us on day one at Kaziranga. For me this was a great day because of 2 reasons, i really enjoyed the jeep safari deep inside the forest of Kaziranga National park. Not only that during the evening time we went in to see cultural programme at Orchid. It was such a nice day spent. Check out the details below. Regarding stay in Bonani tourist lodge you can check with Mr. Pradip Nath - Kaziranga - 9101519267 , you need to book offline, if you call him he will tell you necessary details. Do check the rooms and guest house on some website before you do the booking, so you are sure on the property and other things. Ponkaj Horiperiya; This shop is a street food stall just outside Orchid gate. Address - Near to Kaziranga Orchid Cultural & Boidiversity Park, Golaghat, Hatikhuli T.E., Assam 785609 Black Rice kheer - Rs 50 Gur pitha - Rs 10 Ketali pitha. - Rs 10 Til ladoo - Rs 10 Tea - Rs 10. Nariyal ladoo - Rs 10

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