Video showing The Biggest Dosa In Florida | Sunrise, Florida

When I’m at home in Miami, I like to showcase the best food South Florida has to offer. I especially love to show you guys the Indian food here. Come along with me as I try the biggest dosa in Florida in the town of Sunrise! I drove two hours from Miami to Rasa Dosa and Indo-Chinese in Sunrise, Florida to try the biggest dosa in Florida. This restaurant focuses on southern Indian food and Indo-Chinese. They have about a dozen dosas on the menu and a daily lunch buffet. They also have northern Indian food and a la carte dinner. I started with a mango lassi, which tasted like pure mango. Then, I tried a reddish idli with ghee. It had a spongy consistency and was super spicy! It took me right back to India! I’d never had a spicy idli. It was my favorite idli ever! Next up was an Indo-Chinese shrimp Szechwan. They were fried and had some Szechwan sauce, green and red peppers, and chilies on them. It was spicy right off the bat, but not too hot. I loved the sauce and couldn’t get enough of it! Then, I had puri bhaji, which is two puris with aloo. The aloo contains curry leaves and red chilies. It wasn’t too spicy. I loved the puri so much! The next appetizer was Mysore bonda, which is two potato fritters with tubes of coconut chutney and tomato chutney, and sambar at the bottom of the jar. I added the fritters and chutneys to the sambar. I could see coconut leaves and mustard seeds in the mixture as well. There were so many different flavors! The sambar was more like a tomato gazpacho. It was really mild, soft, and tasty! My first dosa was the light and crispy rava masala dosa. It’s served with tomato chutney, coconut chutney, sambar, and aloo with curry leaves and mustard seeds. The coconut chutney was delicious, while the tomato chutney was almost like ketchup. The coconut chutney was the best, but the sambar was also really nice. The dosa was like a thin, crispy, and airy crepe! Then, I visited the kitchen to watch them make the biggest dosa in Florida! It’s a 3-foot-long paper dosa. It costs $12 USD and is an absolute monster. It’s meant for at least two people! It’s served with tomato chutney, coconut chutney, and sambar. It was crispy but had a bit more dough than the previous dosa. The ghee gave it extra flavor. Again, the coconut chutney was out of this world! I also loved the potatoes inside the sambar. I realized quickly that I should have eaten this dosa without the 4 appetizers before it! It was really light and had crispy, chip-like ends. You should start at the ends when you eat a dosa like this. Next up was the house dosa, the jini dosa! It’s one big dosa cut into four rolled-up pieces. They have cheese, vegetables, and house sauce inside. The diced vegetables and the melted cheese were unreal. This dosa was doughy instead of crispy, but it was so amazing! Then, I tried a Szechwan dish with chicken, crispy noodles, rice, and more noodles with an egg on top. I broke the yolk and let it run throughout. I’d never seen anything like it! The sauce was a little spicy and sweet, almost like a sweet and sour sauce. The yolk running through it was amazing. The heat caught up with me, so I had to have more lassi! Then I bit right into the fried noodle basket with the chicken. It had the best elements of Indian and Chinese food and had some nice spice to it! Then, for dessert, I had a chocolate-banana-nut dosa. It was Southern India in a bite! The dosa was doughy, so it absorbed the flavors better. It was my first dessert dosa ever and I loved it! The mix of chocolate, mushy bananas, and nuts was unreal.

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