Video showing Top 10 Best Cities To Live In Germany

Top 10 Best Cities To Live In Germany. Germany, the country where Einstein was born; where Beethoven made a name for himself in the World of music and lyrics. There people live in a healthy and peaceful environment. There are many great universities in Germany, where foreigners are invited to get the best education for their better living. A country with 800 islands could be the most desirable destination to visit and living there would even be a better choice for your family. Interested to go! Well, first you need to know about the best cities to live in Germany. In the next heading, you will read about them. Also you will learn about the cost of living in the outlined cities. Moving there would be the best thing you should do this very time. But, what city you should opt as a suitable place for your future living? Read below the cities that are considered as the best to live in Germany. 1. Berlin 2. Cologne 3. Dresden 4. Frankfurt 5. Hamburg 6. Heidelberg 7. Leipzig 8. Munich 9. Nuremberg 10. Weimar

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