Video showing Tour of Copenhagen - Big Danish Lunch + Canal Boat Tour in Denmark

Bicycle Ride - In order to really blend in with Danish culture in Copenhagen, you need to go around the city by bicycle. So on day one of our visit to Copenhagen, we jumped into a bicycle cart, and rode over the park. #Copenhagen #Denmark Frederiksberg Have - Copenhagen has lots of beautiful parks, and we strategically went to one called Frederiksberg Have because it wasn’t far from where we were staying, and there was a restaurant I really wanted to try in the area. I love legendary classic restaurants, and Hansens Gamle Familiehave is about as historical and classic as Danish restaurants in Copenhagen get. I went straight for the Hansens lunch platter, which included two platters - first the cold appetizers like herring, and next the hot dishes like pork. Total bill for this huge Danish lunch platter - 718 DKK ($106.43) One of the attractions I was most interested in doing during my time in Copenhagen, was to take a boat Copenhagen Canal Tour. Thanks to Visit Copenhagen and Hey Captain, for taking me on this fantastic and luxurious canal boat tour of Copenhagen. The drinks made it even better. Amazing boat tour, highly recommended in Copenhagen. Finally for dinner we went o Folkehuset Absalon, a former church that has been opened as a community center coffee shop, and a family style restaurant at dinner. The place is packed every night, people come looking for a social dining atmosphere, sharing tables, and delicious home cooked styles Danish food. Food was delicious. Price - 100 DKK ($14.82)

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