Video showing Traditional Chinese Street Food Tour Of Hong Kong


I had an amazing traditional Chinese food day in Hong Kong with my amazing food tour guide, Virginia! We started off with some homemade breakfast noodles then went for egg waffles with egg tarts and soupy dumplings along the way.

Here's a list of all the places we went to: ? Shui Kee (Beef brisket and esophagus) ? Oddies (egg waffles and soft serve) Chinese sausage one ? Shui Kee (French toast & milk tea) ? Man Kei Cart noodles (Morning glory with Fu Yu) ? Chiu Chow hop sing desserts (Frog Fallopian tubes dessert) ? Chinese Islam - Beef sandwiches ? Hoover Bakery - egg tart ? Queen Sophie - egg tart ? Ladies Market Sik Fan co. - (Squab & stinky tofu bites) ? Fei jie - turkey kidney, pig intestines, cuttlefish ? Kwan Kee Claypot Rice

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