Watch Top 10 Indian Street Foods in Hyderabad

I visited India for the second time to explore the divine food and fascinating culture of the subcontinent. The second city I visited, Hyderabad, is well known for its cuisine, so my friend Sam and I headed out, with a lot of help from Uber, to experience the flavors that make Hyderabadi food some of the best in the country. Here are my top ten Indian street food dishes in Hyderabad.

1. Giant Dosa (Chutney’s Restaurant) This monstrous dish is a four-foot-long, rolled pancake that is made from a fermented batter and has a potato-based filling. The dosa was flaky and was served with several mouthwatering chutneys. The coconut chutney in particular blew my mind! My favorite food experience in Hyderabad! 2. Biryani (Paradise Restaurant) For the best biryani in Hyderabad, Sam and I went to Paradise Restaurant, where we ordered four different varieties of this popular layered rice dish: chicken, mutton, egg, and veg with paneer (a type of fresh, un-aged cheese that doesn’t melt). My favorites were the mutton and veg! Both were outstanding! 3. Pizza Dosa (Ram Ki Bandi) The next day, Sam and I went to Ram Ki Bandi to try a special variation of dosa: the pizza dosa! Instead of potato, this crispy, buttery dosa contains traditional pizza toppings, including lots of gooey, melted cheese. This unique, Italian-inspired dosa was phenomenal! Anyone visiting Hyderabad has to try it! 4. Idli (Ram Ki Bandi) Another mind-blowing dish Sam and I tried at Ram Ki Bandi is idli, a nutty, spongy, and savory rice cake that is made from de-husked and fermented lentils and rice. This popular breakfast food is usually served with sambar, chutneys, or spicy fish curries. It was out of this world and I couldn’t get enough of it! 5. Bamboo Chicken (Ulavacharu Restaurant) At Ulavachuru Restaurant, Sam and I found bamboo chicken, a chicken curry that is made by marinating raw, skinless chicken in several spices, stuffing the chicken into a bamboo shoot that is sealed with banana leaves or palm leaves, and then cooked on charcoal for at least 45 minutes. It was easily one of the best chicken curries I’ve ever had in my life! 6. Pulao (Ulavacharu Restaurant) While we were at Ulavacharu Restaurant, Sam and I also found another incredible dish: pulao. Pulao is a traditional South Asian mixed rice dish that contains meat and vegetables and is bursting with signature, mouthwatering Indian flavors. Sam and I tried many different varieties and we loved every single one of them! 7. Southern Indian Thali (Taj Mahal Restaurant) At the Taj Mahal Restaurant, Sam and I tried Southern Indian Thali, an assortment of dishes that is served on a round platter. Unlike Northern thali, which is served with breads, Southern thali is served with rice. There were so many fresh, vibrant flavors that I didn’t want to stop eating! I loved mixing the curries with the rice and eating it with my hands. 8. Biscuits and Chai (Nimrah Café and Bakery) Nimrah Café and Bakery’s signature buttery and freshly made biscuits are every bit as delicious as advertised. I tried their coconut, chocolate, and cream biscuits, and when I dipped them into the creamy chai, it took the biscuits to a whole new level! I highly recommend this sensational café to anyone looking for a delightful snack in Hyderabad! 9. Vada Salty Doughnut (Minerva Coffee Shop) For more south Indian breakfast foods, Sam and I headed over to Minerva Coffee Shop, where we found the vada, a crunchy, savory doughnut that was served with coconut chutney and ginger chutney. Each bite was so intense and flavorful that I kept going back for more! 10. Uttapam Thick Pancake (Minerva Coffee Shop) The Uttapam is a distinctly Indian take on a pancake, and is served with a combination of cashews, vegetables, and chutneys. Various textures and unique flavor combinations makes it a can’t-miss for anyone visiting Hyderabad. The ginger and coconut chutneys gave me delicious, contrasting flavors on my palette, and I loved every bite!

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