Watch Top 20 Indian Street Foods in Ahmedabad

I visited the Gujarati city of Ahmedabad and fell in love with its food. These are the top 20 Indian street food dishes in Ahmedabad, India! 1. Ganthiya A light and airy deep-fried breakfast food that’s made from chickpea flour. You can eat it with a minty curry or a papaya chutney! 2. Fafda (Oshwal Restaurant) A deep-fried snack made from chickpea flour that is served with an earthy lentil curry and papaya chutney. 3. Dhokla (House of Khaman) A versatile Gujarati dish made from steamed, fermented rice gram batter that reminded me of a matzo ball! 4. Indian Buffet (Neelkanth Patang Revolving Restaurant) An amazing buffet featuring Indian dishes from around the country, including cauliflower chili, palak paneer, chole bhature, papad, and more! 5. Biscuit Pizzas (Ambawadi) A type of cheesy Indian pizza that has a biscuit-like crust instead of a typical pizza crust! 6. Khakhra (Induben Khakhrawala) Thin, baked, and crispy snacks that come in a variety of flavors, including plain, peanut, cheese, pani puri, and cream and onion! 7. Plum Puree Shots (Food Junction) A shot of sweet and refreshing plum puree that has salt around the rim! 8. Paneer Manchuri (Food Junction) A delightful mix of paneer chili and manchuri that contains cottage cheese, cabbage, and chilies! 9. Tarka Sandwich (Food Junction) A sandwich that is made with a focaccia-like bread, vegetable filling, and is topped with butter, spices, a cracker, and shredded cheese. 10. Chocolate Blink Ice Cream Roll (Food Junction) A freshly made ice cream roll that contains Oreos, KitKats, and Nutella and is topped with chocolate syrup and two wafer cookies. 11. Maska Buns (New Lucky Restaurant) Fluffy bread buns that contain a butter or butter-and-jam filling that you dunk into mugs of masala chai for a rich, flavorful breakfast! 12. Gujarati Sweets (Kandoi Sweets Shop) A wide range of sugary desserts like Mohanthal and assorted Halwas, which are rich, fatty, and incredibly sweet! 13. Gujarati Heritage Thali (Agashiye Restaurant) A phenomenal Gujarati thali that is made up of 25 delicious items that range from smoky to sweet to spicy! 14. Non-Veg Food at Bhatiyar Gali Delicious, meaty Indian dishes including mutton chaap, chicken pesto, mutton masala, Chicken Hyderabadi, and chicken tandoori. 15. Sandwiches (Manek Chowk) Phenomenal veg sandwiches, including a grilled ghughra sandwich, a decadent chocolate and cheese sandwich, and an ice cream sandwich with cheese and pineapple! 16. Chocolate Chip Nitrogen Biscuit (Manek Chowk) A chocolate chip biscuit that has been frozen in liquid nitrogen and makes you look like you’re breathing smoke when you put it in your mouth! 17. Fresh Soups and Juices (Parimal Garden) A delicious veg soup containing spinach, peppers, and corn, and a refreshing gooseberry juice with aloe vera! 18. Poha (Parimal Garden) A crunchy and spicy chaat-like dish that contains puffed rice, oil, and spices and is topped with fresh beets, onions, and tomatoes. 19. Dabeli (Hari Om Dabeli) A bun that is stuffed with mashed potatoes, onions, pomegranate, spices, masala peanuts, tamarind chutney, and more. It’s like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, only better! 20. Northern Gujarati Food (Rajwadu Restaurant) A mind-blowing Gujarati feast that was made up of dishes like patra, lasaniya batata, tomato sabzi with sev and coriander, khichdi, and an unbelievable baingan ka bharta.

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