Watch Turkish Food Tour | Best Turkish Food In Istanbul, Turkey- Pide + Kebab | What To Eat In Istanbul

We're in istanbul, turkey! This is one of our favorite cities and we've spent 2 months eating our way around istanbul to create this series. This 4 part series is about showing you more of the unusual turkish foods and hunting down where the locals eat.

This is our first istanbul food video. We start with the best pide in the city at a simple pide salonu in fatih. We love the pide here for its crispy, crunchy dough and fresh ingredients. Next up is a traditional turkish drink called boza. Boza is a fermented drink made of bulgur, water and sugar. It's commonly drunk in the winter as it's very filling and warming. We sample it at a heritage shop that's been around since 1876- it's said ataturk drunk boza here once! 

Onwards for ca? kebab where lamb is roasted on a horizontal spit, sliced onto a skewer and then crisped up over charcoal. Eaten with lavash (flatbread) and ezme a turkish salad of tomatoes, parsley, onion and pomegranate molasses, the lamb is absolutely mouthwatering. Our final stop is for a pickle juice at a tursu (pickle) shop in kadikoy which has been around since 1935. Pickles are a big part of turkish food culture and almost every meal will include some form of pickled vegetable. We down a pickle juice and some pickles to help us digest all the mouthwatering food we've eaten. 


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